Welcome to Zellco Productions

Zellco Productions is an all encompassing Film / TV Production Company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. It releases projects for all platforms (including theatrical) and services range from Production, Post-Production, Marketing and Distribution.  

Feature Films

Dark Forest

The debut feature film from Zellco Productions. An 80s inspired minimalistic slasher now available to stream worldwide! Coming soon to Blu-ray / DVD.Watch Trailer

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Al Sparks: The Fighting Saint

The story of an amazing and humble man who did not receive the recognition he deserved during his time in the boxing ring.

Streaming on MTS Stories From Home.

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The Wounded Healer: The Roland Vandal Story

The remarkable transformation of Roland Vandal, from struggling drug addict to community leader.

Streaming on CBC

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Music Videos

Duotang - Nostalgia's A Vice

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Duotang - Karma Needs To Come Around

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KEN mode - These Tight Jeans

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